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This new and versatile palette contains 5 eyeshadow colours, blush, bronzer and illuminate all in one place. It holds 8 shades that combine together to create countless different looks. Most of these tones are cool shades.

These colours have been carefully chosen to suit all ages and all skin and hair  tones.

The highlight 'Uluwatu' has a golden sheen that sits perfectly on the skin.

The blush 'Bora Bora' is a soft pink with a subtle glow.

The bronzer 'Crete' is the same bronzer colour in both Basics palette's 1 & 2.0.

The three larger colours can be used on both the eyes and the face. The five smaller shades are for the eyes.

100% Cruelty free & Vegan.

Basic By B Face Palette 2.0

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