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DMK is the leader of the professional skin revision market as it is designed for the
skin as a system. The DMK concept can offer profound long-term results.

DMK leads with integrity and dedication towards rebuilding skin and rebuilding lives.


DMK is a paramedical pharmaceutical grade prescription range. It is not sold online and a skin consultation is required when starting DMK products. We are qualified Skin Technicians with the knowledge on all skin conditions to help you achieve the results you deserve. We are a proud DMK Pure Clinic and we are achieving amazing results for all our clients. The DMK products being prescription only is due to the high levels of active ingredients 90% active ingredients to 10% base. In comparison to cosmetic range of products that are typically only treating the topical surface and are all sold online are between 10-20% active ingredients and 80-90% base ingredients so they sit on the surface and don't penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. 


ACU-KLENZ - 180ml 
A deep cleansing gel containing salicylic acid. Its deep penetrating and exfoliating action helps to keep pores clean while drying up existing acne.


Deep Pore - 180ml 
A gel cleanser designed to flush embedded impurities from the skin, to tighten the pores, and brighten the skin. For normal to oily skins and it can used daily and wont strip your natural barrier or leave it feeling tight. Can be used for men and shaving men's beards and help with the ingrown hairs they get from razors. 


Milk Cleanser - 180ml
A milk cleanser formulated with botanical cleansing herbs and calming nutrients for fragile skin. Normal to dry skin types can use this cleanser daily and is gentle and non stripping of your natural barrier. 


Betagen - 30ml 

Contains a synergistic group of ingredients designed to nourish and trigger the revision of damaged skin. Ideal for premature ageing, sun-damage, and reactive skin. Known as the "Emergency crème" it is designed to repair damaged cells and help with reactive and inflamed skin. Very hydrating and soothing this creme is amazing for anyone suffering an impaired barrier or rosacea. 

Biogen C - 50ml 
Containing arnica, valerian and chamomile, this crème acts as a tranquiliser for stressed skin. This creme is "beauty flash" crème designed to pick up tired, dull skin. It's amazing for fragile capillaries, pre mature ageing and anyone wanting firming. Biogen C aims to stimulate, tone and tighten and improve tissue oxygenation and strengthen weakened capillaries. Helps prevent signs of ageing with UVA & UVB sun protection. 

Crème Citrique - 50ml
Designed to balance the skin’s pH and to regulate oil flow, Crème Citrique aims to hydrate and brighten oily skin. Amazing for oily, freckly and congested skins. 


Melanotech Crème - 30ml
Formulated with herbal extracts to revise and inhibit hyper-pigmentation, Melanotech Crème aims to even out skin tone and maintain a bright healthy glow.

Nite Firming - 60ml
Revises the signs of biological and environmental ageing. The skin may feel progressively firmer with each application.


Pro Amino - 60ml
A nutrient crème for neutral skins, Pro Amino crème contains active ingredients to protect, nourish, replenish and maintain a youthful healthy appearance. It is great for open pores and giving your skin a glow. 


Revitosin - 60ml
An advanced botanical vitamin A night crème, Revitosin aims to regulate cellular dysfunctions while encouraging a better functioning skin. Suitable for most skin
conditions, especially those undergoing a skin revision program. We only use this crème every second night alternating between our super bright. 


Revise-A - 30ml
Designed for skin on a maintenance program, Revise-A aims to maintain cellular renewal, smooth and firm the skin, and revise the signs of ageing.


Super Bright - 50ml
Designed to brighten and revise pigmentation and uneven skin tone. One of our night cremes, we love the kojic acid to revise pigmentation and brighten the skin. With a superior blend of botanical ingredients that work to assist in the revision of pigmentation. This is NOT a bleaching product and doesn't have the harmful toxic side effects.  

Masques & Exfoliants 

Acu Masque - 60ml
A versatile home maintenance masque recommended for acne and congestion, as well as those with oily skin or red reactive skin.


Exoderma Peel - 60ml
Lifts and exfoliates dead skin cells naturally. Mix with Foamy Lift for a deeper treatment.


Foamy Lift - 30gm
Exoderma Peel and Foamy Lift combine to create an at-home enzyme masque, to effectively exfoliate, purify and firm the skin. Use as an at-home maintenance treatment 1-2 times per week.


Hydrating Masque - 60ml
A super hydrating masque designed to cool, calm and plump up the skin. Revises the appearance of fine lines and refreshes the skin.


Micro Peel - 180ml - $90.00
Micro Peel offers a quick and gentle exfoliation between treatments.

Klear Range

ACU-KLEAR - 30ml 
This acne treatment lotion helps to dry up existing acne and prevent future breakouts.

Acu Crème - 60ml
Replicating the skin’s natural moisturising factors, by imitating the skin’s natural oil, it works to reduce dryness by sealing in moisture, which increases hydration, nourishes, and plumps up the skin.


ACU-MOIST - 50ml
Together with the transdermal effect of ACU-MIST, ACU-MOIST is a gentle re-balancing moisturiser designed to nourish skin that has been effected by the drying ingredients in acne products.

ACU-KLENZ - 180ml

A deep cleansing gel containing salicylic acid. Its deep penetrating and exfoliating action helps to keep pores clean while drying up existing acne.

By creating a pseudo heat on the skin (similar to mentholated ointments) this blemish gel dissolves sebum plugs relieving the pressure in congested areas and blind pimples.

ACU-MIST - 120ml
To normalise the skin’s acid mantle, ACU-MIST is a hydrating mist containing aloe and plant extracts hand-picked specifically for acne prone skin.


Body Sculpting - 120ml
Body Sculpting is designed for cellulite, aiming to smooth and firm the body’s lumps and bumps.


Hydra Louffa - 240ml
A body wash and exfoliant in one, recommended for dry skin, ingrown hairs and folliculitis. When used after a spray tan, Hydra Louffa will extend the life of the tan and ensure it fades evenly.


Maximum Moisture - 240ml
A supreme calming and firming body moisturiser, recommended for dry skin, cellulite, or loose sagging skin. May also extend the life of a fake tan.

Oils & Sprays 

Seba-E Oil - 30ml

Seba-E replicates the natural way skin secretes oil, to re-establish the acid mantle and promote barrier repair. Specifically formulated for dry, dehydrated or inflamed skins, it is note recommended for oily or acneic skin conditions.

Herbal Pigment Oil - 120ml

The Herbal Pigment Oil is used in conjunction with Herb & Mineral Mist to restore the skin’s vital lipids, prevent water loss and repair skin barriers. However, this oil is unique in its ability to tackle pigmentation, and smooth and brighten the skin.

Herb & Mineral Spray - 120ml

This is a product that every single person should be using in their skincare routine; it’s that good!  Contains over 98% cold water-soaked herbs, which has a direct effect on the skin.  Additionally, Herb & Mineral Mist provides astringent, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties to your skin. That’s a whole lot of antis, for a whole lot of fresh, clear skin.

Aminodine Spray - 120ml

For the ultimate in age fighting, say hello to the Aminodine Spritz. This refreshing, hydrating spray, a powerful spray which helps to correct deep cross-linked wrinkles. An antioxidant (we love those), it helps to inhibit glycosylation in ageing skin, which is the precursor to deep cross-lined wrinkles. This has been reformulated and can be used morning and night now for all skin types that have deep wrinkles and want to help prevent more. 


Fine Line - ​30ml

An extremely nourishing crème, this little tub will work wonders for those experiencing deeper-set lines and wrinkles… don’t get too attached to those now, you will need to say goodbye to them soon!

Eye Tone - 15ml

This little BFF works on the principle of encouraging the skin to function as it did when it was younger; oh sweet, sweet youth! Forget the blue eyeshadow and writing boys’ names all over your pencil case, and let Eye Tone bring back the best parts of those heady days for you.


Barrier Repair

Beta Gel - 30ml
A boosting hydrating serum designed to trigger the revision of damaged skin. Beta Gel is a powerful immune boosting serum designed to address reactive, inflamed, irritated and traumatised skin.   Recommended for acne, sunburn, premature ageing, sluggish and reactive skins. The formulation features beta-glucan, a stimulator of the Langerhans cells which initiate the immune and reparative functions of the skin, making it an excellent aid in the treatment of pre and post operative care. 


Direct Delivery Vitamin C - 30ml
The sophisticated answer to managing the signs of biological and environmental ageing. Recommended to revise the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, scarring, skin tone and texture.

Solar Damage Soothing Moisture Gel - 180ml

Suitable for most skin conditions, Solar Damage Gel can be applied to any area of the face or body to treat burns or skin trauma, scarring and stretch marks, weakened skin, sun damaged and environmentally damaged skin, after IPL, laser or any heat and erythema (redness) inducing treatments.

Hydroloc Creme - 50ml

With the ability to hold to times its weight in water, Hydroloc is a rich crème designed to hydrate and lock moisture in to extremely dry and scaly skin. It protects against trans epidermal water loss and boosts comfort levels as it intensely rehydrates, building the skin’s barriers to help seal in moisture and create a lush and velvety skin.


Red Vein Creme - 15ml 

This miracle worker assists in the revision of broken capillaries and swollen veins, aiding to flush out

stagnation and strengthen capillary walls.

Epitoxyl Creme - 60ml

A 3-minute cleanser for unhealthy skin, Epitoxyl works to eliminate impurities to clear and brighten the skin.

Pore Reduction Drops - 30ml

Designed to visibly reduce pores without stripping the skin of natural oils or causing an increase in oil production,

Pore Reduction Drops use an ionized solution to carry herbal properties into the skin.

Melanotech Drops - 30ml

Specially formulated for passive or severe hyper-pigmentation, acne and rosacea, Melanotech Drops

note only brighten the surface of the skin but also address the core problem of skin discolouration

through inhibiting the production of melanin.

Contraderm Creme - 15ml

An anti-trauma formula that can be used for minor skin irritations and itching due to eczema, dermatitis or

skin revision treatments, Contraderm is soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant.

Calerase Creme - 60ml

The ideal hand and foot crème formulated especially for calloused, dry and cracked skin,

Calerase helps to maintain smooth skin between MediPedi treatments.


Fibromax C - 1 vial

The strongest form of vitamin C available to DMK, the powerful Fibromax C is an exclusive formula of liquid droplets encapsulated in Silica particles. Designed to be used on areas showing fine lines, pigmentation, or any area

needing lifting and support, Fibromax C helps to brighten the skin and protect against UVB damage.

EFA Ultra - 120 capsules

These supplements contain a powerful group of essential fatty acids 3, 6, 7 and 9, derived from

Evening Primrose and Seabuckthorn Seed Oil, which provide more than 190 nutrients

and bioactive ingredients. With the addition of pure organic Coconut Oil and

Mekabu Seaweed extract, the health benefits of EFA Ultra go beyond a normal essential fatty acid supplement.

Actrol Powder - 30g

Suitable for sensitive, oily and acne prone skins, Actrol Powder utilises healing botanical ingredients to balance the skin.

Key ingredient Thymus Vulgaris combines antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to restore

proper pH to the skin, while free radical scavenger Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) stimulates

collagen production and helps to calm, heal and regenerate the skin.

Soleil Defence SPF 50+ - 200ml

Offering the ultimate in sun protection, Soileil Defence SPF 50+ provides high protection in a

non-greasy formula which will not clog pores.

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